Friday, February 29, 2008

Designing a Calendar in Photoshop Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to create a fun looking calendar that can be used for a number of web applications.

Step 1:

Start by creating a circle using elliptical shape tool.

Step 2:

Press Shift and create a rectangle over the circle.Step 3:

Select direct selection tool, select both paths and click combine.

Step 4:

Create a small rounded rectangle.

Step 5:

Enable subtract from shape icon from the top bar and then create a pentagon using polygon tool.

Step 6:

Create some more duplicates and place them as shown. Adjust these shapes according to the days in a particular month you are creating the calender for.

Step 7:

Select the last shape using direct selection tool and stretch the right hand side nodes.

Step 8:

Except the last shape, merge all layers. Apply gradient over using following settings:

Step 9:

To the last shape apply gradient overlay using same settings.

Step 10:

Create a web shape using custom shape tool.

Step 11:

Change the layer mode to overlay and opacity to 20%.

Step 12:

Create a circle at the corner of the top bar. Fill the circle with white color.

Step 13:

Create a spiral using custom shape tool. Reduce opacity.

Step 14:

Add other details like month, year and dates etc. in the calendar.

1 comment:

CLassicNightmare said...

thanks for the tutorial :D
i made a calendar with exact style of yours
is it okay if i use it?
i already give credit that the actual idea was made by you :)