Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Glamour Photo Tutorial

Turn your subject into a supermodel.

Step 1:
Create a duplicate of your image.

Step 2:

Delete everything except the skin. Erase the detail sections with 30-50% opacity eraser.

Step 3:
Selection the layer (CTRL+click on layer) and run >Filter>Noise>Median.Step 4:
Change the Layer Mode to Luminosity - The Opacity is at 100% and needs to be turned down for a more realistic look.Step 5:

The Opacity has been brought down to 65%:

Extra Tip #1
You could also duplicate the "skin" layer and change the Layer Mode to Soft Light for a warmer feel.
Extra Tip #2
Or create an quick tan by changing the second skin layer to Multiply. (bring the Opacity down to less than 50%):

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Sadad Fatin Sabbag said...

What a great retouch . Looking spanking and it's just mind blowing . You are very experiences there is no doubt .