Friday, December 7, 2007

Shiny Orange Button Tutorial

1) Make a new document sized 200x50 and fill it with any color. I chose a simple gray. Now make a new layer grab the rectangular marquee tool make a selection like below and fill it with any light color. I chose Orange:2) Go to Filter>Render>Lighthing Effect and use this settings:
This is what I got:
3) Now add a simple inner shadow:
You should have something like this:
4) Get a round simple 1 px brush and draw some lines like I did (hold shift to make them straight).Set blending mode to color dodge and lower the opacity to 70%.
5) Make a new layer and a selection like below filled white. Now lower the opacity to 12%.
6) Add a simple Drop Shadow:
7) Add your text and you are done. This is my result:

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